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Fokker Elmo

Wiring interconnection systems

Fokker Elmo is part of GKN Aerospace. Fokker Elmo is the world's leading supplier of transparency systems and the second in the interconnection systems for electrical wiring. They design, develop, qualify and produce a range of advanced systems and products for aerospace, military, maritime and commercial applications.


Engineering and optimizing new wiring designs is labor-intensive. Design choices are made manually. It is not possible to design different variants side by side. Design automation by linking algorithms is costly and difficult to implement in the traditional process. Much of the optimization is done manually by the experts. Completing missing data and data inspected with different Excel sheets. The overall process is labour intensive and there is no time to really optimize the product configuration.


Fokker uses KE-chain as backbone for their design automation and optimization. KE-chain is used as central database and workflow integrating various engineering applications. This allows Fokker Elmo to perform, store and reuse design studies. Design results can be easily adapted to evaluate design variations. The modular design allows tools to be linked to automate parts of the engineering. The entire product configuration and all changes are stored. The flexible web interface is also used to verified and validated the results with different reports and visualizations. 

  • Perform multiple design studies

  • Central data storage and reuse

  • Link and develop your own apps

  • Scalable and seamless process