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Engineering configurators

Imagine your customers can optimize and manage their own product configurations online

Work seamless & Scale up faster

Customers can compose their product configuration themselves. Experts can assist real-time if necessary. With KE-chain you work seamless with customers,  collect key data about configurations and you can scale up faster.

Customers & Sales
  • Customers easily configure the optimal product 

  • View and reuse previous configurations

  • Get started immediately with the web browser

  • Easily provide support if necessary

Engineering & Support
  • Reduction of operational pressure of support

  • Full control over knowledge rules and configuration

  • Easy transfer of work to colleagues

  • Real time monitoring and assisting customers

Operations & IT
  • Scalable process with web-app as-a-service

  • Optimal protection of intellectual property

  • New services based on insights on collected data

  • Everything is arranged and optionel premium services

As-a-service. Get started right away

Customers can immediately start with a optimized dashboard. The configuration is done step by step with smart optimizations in the background. Our own experts can track and support real time. Everybody has personal access and can only see what is needed. No more and no less.

Automatic. Own knowledge rules

With the unique environment of KE-chain, the own knowledge rules are always transparent and adaptable. The user interface makes adjusting easy. With the API you have full control over your application.

Data. Collect and reuse

With the KE-chain API you always have access to the data. All information is stored automatically so that key information about configurations and customers can be used to develop new products and services.




Brake and controlsystems

Fokker Elmo


Wiring interconnection systems